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Something you offer as a peace offering when you're being yelled at by some cobwebbed band mom. Can also be given when you've just told a long time girl friend that she probably contracted syphilis. Results may vary, but death may occur.
Lady: "You need to be more respectful!!!!"
Brad: "Okay, okay... *reaches in pocket* GUM???"
Lady: *absolutely speechless*
Brad: *runs away to literally die laughing*

Brad: "Yeah, Jill's not gonna be too happy when she finds out what I done did..."
Ted: "Giving Gum."
Brad: "What?"
Ted: "Yeah, works like a charm."
by bbking23 April 01, 2010
A name, usually a cool one, used to get women into your pants. Traditionally chosen by your friends. Usually it's best used to give a chick a name that isn't your own so that she doesn't cyber stalk you.

In some cases, this name can get you into serious trouble. Keep it anyway.
Random skank: my name is Random Skank. It's German. What's your name???
Brad: Whoa! Slow down ho! It's Blakk. Victoria Blakk.
Random Skank: How awesome! I wanna make babies with you!
Brad: *runs away*

Other examples for an alias include but are not limited to: Ted, Bob, and Jill.
by bbking23 March 29, 2010

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