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The impression your rear end or ''butt'' leaves behind when you stand up from being in a seated position on a bed fitted with loose sheets, or a soft couch. It's the disturbance of the fabric of which you were previously seated whether it be a bunching of the sheets in a ''twist-like'' manner, or a simple butt imprint.
1) Person 1: Gets off bed after sitting on it for an extended period of time.
Person 2: Points at the bed, "YO, check out this kid's butt twist!"
2) A paranormal show, like ghost hunters:
"Is there anyone one in this room?"
Takes out infrared cam
"I can tell by the butt twist on that cushioned chair that there is a presence in this room besides myself."
by bbkate_r August 15, 2012
Someone who is a douche, but thinks they're not so they try to fight you. They're always tryna start fights because they're a douche.
"That douche is tryna get at me 'cause I called him a douche." "Yea thats 'cause he's a combative douche"
by bbkate_r August 22, 2012

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