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A child who grows up eating the same food (usually chicken nuggets) virtually every day. Weak-willed parents of a chicken nugget kid will often yield to the child's mundane demands, offering them little to no exposure to variety of different food.

Sadly, a chicken nugget kid will most likely grow up into a picky eater, if no intervention is made.
"I feel sorry, for little Billy in my 2nd grade class. He's a chicken nugget kid, and will probably never end up enjoying going to restaurants, traveling to exotic places, or finding someone who will stand his picky eating habits for long."
by bbilbo1 May 13, 2010
The concept that the less armor or clothing a person wears, the more agile, less encumbered, and distracting they are in a combat situation.

This concept is mostly associated with females, but not exclusive.
After equipping the extremely skimpy bikini-armor, the battle was won as a result of "bullet-proof nudity."
by bbilbo1 March 25, 2010
"Phantom Pin Syndrome" (PPS) is the psychological disorder in which the subject feels compelled to bowl down a section of lane where pins no longer exist.

However, this may also be theorized as a type of clairvoyance in which the subject may sense and target pins on a different plane of reality from that of the bowler.

While there is no officially prescribed cure for PPS, studies have shown that subjecting those afflicted with the syndrome to an "improved musical atmosphere" via choice selections from a bowling establishment's jukebox may alleviate some of the behavior. Results may vary.
"After hugging the gutter and taking out the '7' pin, Sarah experienced a sudden case of "Phantom Pin Syndrome (PPS)" when she bowled down the same path and narrowly avoided the rest of the pins."
by BBilbo1 March 13, 2010
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