1 definition by bbbbgggg

Earns more money than all of the haters on here COMBINED. Superb footballer but bad temper which he will inevitably get under control soon enough. Constant target of jokes and abuses by dumb English people but he ignores them all cuz the money is too much for him to even care about the talentless no names trying to get some attention. Wayne rooney is unlucky to come from England. his talent is not deserving of such a shit country like England. should have been German or Spanish or even American. Plays for the best football team in England and one of the best on the planet Manchester United. Admired by Mancunians and real football fans because he could not care less what anyone says about him. He is not about to change for anyone and he will not succumb to the Politically correct rubbish of England. He is the realest english footballer since Gazza.
All you internet warriors can say what you want about Wayne Rooney online cuz you are too scared to say that to him in person cuz you know he's gonna plant your face in your ass.
by bbbbgggg June 16, 2011

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