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- Home of the bears (Lady and Joy)
- Oldest university of Texas (est. in 1845)
- located in the 19th poorest city
- Home of the NCAA Champs womens basketball team
- BU 35 vs. A&M 34 (OT) in football
- girls out number guys 60% to 40%
- we suck at football but we know how to party
- SSSS to UT, TTU, and A&M
- only private university in the BIG 12
- we have 2 Olympians
- Michael Johnson (one of the fastest men in the world) is an alumni
- no such thing as Coke or Pepsi on campus
- freshman (the Baylor Line) run onto the football field before every home game
- we have the largest independent stage production, put on by the students---SING!
Aaaaaaahhhhhh...Sic'em Bears
by baylorchica July 19, 2005
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