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3 definitions by batmang

V-Jesus is when a car powered by a Honda Engine with VTEC hits 6,000rpm's and then continues to exceed passed the magical stock redline embracing hitting 9,000rpm's releasing Jesus from your engine. Once released, Jesus cast a light of enlightenment showing you have hit V-Jesus and that it is now time to shift.
Did you see that flare, John hit V-Jesus!
by batmang January 24, 2005
the pimpest bunch of ek hatches ever.
www.ek-squad.com <- get ur browse on.
The EK Squad is cool.
by batmang March 22, 2005
when a college stupid uses all his or her college loans to buy parts for their car.
they often visit honda-tech.com and realize their car is not JDM standard. they then spend every single penny they have on $700 intake's that are no better then $20 filters and claim their car is "hot" or "sick" or even "mad tight jdm yo".
when in reality they just wasted tons of fucking money.
I got fucking honda-tech'ed. Class 05' BITCH!
by batmang March 22, 2005