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A retired government employee who lives on a government pension, but despises the federal government. These individuals are proud fiscal conservatives. They live in suburbs and love yard work because it makes them feel like a man. They are critical about everything. They attend local government meetings to bitch. They believe they are active in the political arena with their letters to the editor complaining about government. They are often children of vets, but didn't serve themselves. They have mustaches. They couldn't accomplish shit with their life, so they got a government gig and maybe worked their way to middle management. They chisel away at their own and everyone else's life. Above all else, they teabag.
I saw an interview with this dude on the news about the latino labor strike. He went to Mexican restaurant, realized it was closed for the strike, then bitched about the Mexicans not serving him food and about them being in the country illegally. What a fucking Chiseler.
by batfight221 September 09, 2010

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