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2 definitions by bastard_man

The name given to sexual acts performed to/with horses (or other equines, including Zebras). Often performed by females, for the pleasure of a surprisingly broad audience of males. Most beastiality acts refer to equestrophilia, as the phallus of a horse is adequately long so as to provide good visual appeal (apparently). Two of the most renowned equestrophile 'actors' are Kitty Beatty (who actually worked as a vet, before agreeing to do equestrophilic films) and Michael Abbott (who is quoted of having no experience with horses until he purchased one for his wife - who revelled in the thought of equestrophilia, which drove him into his new career of delivering anal sex to horses).
Bob Smith: Jesus, I watched another Kitty Beatty equestrophilia film last night. I swear that shit is illegal.
Michael Abbott: Not where I come from.
by bastard_man March 29, 2008
In the obscure religion of Triothotic Paganism, Awillheath is the evil god of corruption. Awillheath is said to be responsible for plagues, famine, earthquakes and volcanoes. He is also used as a deterrent for unethical practises, as it is believed that he posesses powers to lure people into corruption. In many cases, Awillheath as been depicted in scenes of incest, coprophilia, beastiality, murder, rape, paedophilia, propriety and anger.
Bob Smith: Jacomoe, you have committed beastiality. We must cleanse you. We must pray to save your soul from Awillheath's grasp!
by bastard_man March 29, 2008