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Phrase said by experienced musicians to a newbie just joining the band for the first time. Also common in jazz improvisation situations. This phrase may be said at rehearsal time OR when playing live.
Puzzled new musician:
"So how was that line over the 3/4 bar in the B section?"

Band member:
"Don't worry, just keep up with us, you'll hear it".
by Bassfaldo September 07, 2008
Alternative to "been there, done that", often accompanied by "I've got the mug".

Idiomatic expression used to show that something is really not that interesting as you've already done it before and so have many others.
Excited kid: "Have you ever been to Disneyland?"

Bratty, patronising older kid: "been there done that, I've got the T-shirt and I've got the mug".
by Bassfaldo March 07, 2009
Truncated form for Diploma.
Helen has a PGDip (Post Graduate Diploma) in flute performace from the Royal College of Music
by Bassfaldo June 13, 2008

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