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1. A gamm, a strange type of monkey who can be seen doing strange things in trees.
2. A rubber in french (See rubber)

Also see gamm
omg theres a gomm in the trees being a monkey and eating a fried toad.
by basher July 12, 2005
1. To fuck a pencil.
2. To insert a pencil into an improper hole.
3. It can also be used as the same as a piece of shit or an ass hole.
4. To be one, to far, with a pencil.

Pencil fucker has derived from Basher, an American Citizen. It has then been used towards many forms of life.
Ryan is a pencil fucker.
by Basher August 29, 2003
Is a beautiful female chat goer (internet user)currentily in her mid twenties. Is said to be a bitch and doesn't care for nothing. Claimes to be against the soap opera movement.
Basher19 is just basher19
by Basher August 29, 2003
1. To grab a tree for sexual reasons.
2. To hump a tree.
3. Replacement of hands for a male.

This word has deranged from Basher, an American Citizen. It will be used all around the world.
Ryan is a tree grasper.
by Basher August 29, 2003

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