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A little known yet tasty treat from McDonalds, you order a regular cheeseburger and ask them to put some special sauce and lettuce on it thereby becoming a Little Mac. The thing is you have to avoid the manager types when ordering because they have given me grief for ordering it, but usually they give in. It helps to go in and not go to the drive thru. If you like Big Macs but are not super hungry or do not have the money it is an option.
Me: Hey buddy can I get a cheeseburger, but can you throw some special sauce and lettuce on it?
McDonald worker: Uhhh, sure man anything else want a value meal.
Me: No, just the burger thanks my good man.
My Buddy: Hey what the hell kind of burger is that?
Me: Shhh... I call it the Little Mac, my mini version of the Big Mac, I had chinese buffet for lunch not super hungry.
by bartrose February 23, 2007

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