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a cock that is so long that it shifts the inernal organs when you plunge it in and out
dude, i stuffed my kidney stroker so far up her cunt that I pushed her guts into new locations
by bartow joe February 25, 2005
small brown broken pices of shit or turds
I need to get to the to the toilet and drop off these fuckin crosbey kids
by bartow joe February 22, 2005
a place where you shit, such as a toilet

an out house with water in the basin so you can float the cosbey kids (broken pieces of turds)
dude, i have to get to the cosbey pool before i shit my pants

hey! wheres the cosbey pool, Im fixin to drop off the kids
by bartow joe February 22, 2005
a shlong that is so fat that you couldnt stick it in a cows cunt

a condition caused by frequently slamming your cock in the toilet lid
mother fucker,... I slammed my cock in the toilet seat again and my cock is so swolen that i cant even stick it in my cows cunt
by bartow joe February 25, 2005
narcotics anonamous, a place where you can go to meet other people who dont really want to get clean or sober, they go there to score drugs and sexually victimise new commers that thought it was a good place to go because they didnt know any better
hey dude, lets go to an NA meeting and see if there are any new young girls with low self esteem that we can pretend we want to help, we will tell her we will talk about her problems over a cup of coffee, once we have her in the car we can just drive around in my car and take turns fucking her in the back seat (friend says) "wow dude thats a great idea, maybe we can get some crack at the meeting too and get her to relapse with us"
by bartow joe February 25, 2005
to make love

To have sex

To screw

to fornicate

to lay

To bone

To pork

To spike to the bed

To just down right fuckin
I was ballin the fuk out that hoe when she decided to tole me that she had Gohnahrea and stuff that don go away

After I got dun ballin that fat skank she started to cry, and then she said "You think Im a fat whore" but I told her she wasnt that fat. (then she cried sum moe)
by bartow joe May 22, 2005
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