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A show on the cable network VH1 centering around former Hype man searching for a woman to love or fuck,
He brought back that NY chick to fuck on Flavor Of Love 2
by barracksupporter May 18, 2008
A reality show similar to MTV's "The Real World"Which puts 7 "Bad Girls" into a house with cameras watching their every move.It airs on Oxygen Network.It is heavily bleeped because of the standards of Viacom.
I love that fat chick Tanisha on The Bad Girls Club
by barracksupporter May 03, 2008
An offensive term used by Presidential Candidate John McCaine to describe his captors in Vietnam.He is a republican which means we'll never hear anyone on Fox News mention this for there's no explanation for this racist term.
"I hate those Gooks"-John McCaine
by barracksupporter May 02, 2008

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