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when your new word gets rejected by the "editors" of urban dictionary, and then accepted 4 months later when some other jackass submits it.
Remember how i submitted "googleganger" 4 months ago and urbandisstionary rejected it? It's on there now but not my submission. Jerks
#googleganger #urbandisstionary #diss #jerks #editors
by barney666 December 05, 2007
The feeling you get after your submission to this site is rejected. It is compounded by the feeling you get when you see that word appear a few months later, as if it has somehow become legitimate because some other dipwad heard you say it and decided to submit it.
How's your mood today Karen?

I'm feeling a little urbandepressionary since i got the bad news, Stan, you piece of crap.
#urbandepressionary #urbanrejectionary #urbandissionary #editors #depression
by barney666 December 05, 2007
the tendency of this website to reject definitions out of arbitrary shortsightedness.
Well, Frank, I find this site to be very urbanrejectionary as they tend to deny all my word submissions.

But Ernest, they accepted my versions of the same words you invented, just many months later and because I used a chick's name!
#editors #lame #urbandisstionary #urbanrejectionary #arbitrary
by barney666 December 05, 2007
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