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The descriptive given to the dumped partner when a relationship has finished.

Thought to originate from said ex-partner returning to the home and finding his/her belongings gathered up and thrown into a refuse receptacle.
Steve, that's it, you're binbagged! Claim them from the back garden!
by barn door August 06, 2009
The act of ringing someone's mobile (cellular) phone so that it rings just the once. This ensures that both the dialler and the diallee simultaneously now have the other person's number in their phones; and by hanging up before the conversation element of the call begins, any expense is negated.

This is used primarily in a face-to-face situation, such as when someone replaces their phone and needs to both re-acquire his friend's numbers and let them know his new number; or after two people meet for the first time and wish to exchange numbers.
"Mike, one-bell me so I get your number. Mine's 079..."
by barn door November 01, 2009
(n.) An overtly intelligent black person; one who shuns the 'street' image espoused by his rap-worshipping peers.
Dude, check out that negro with the bow tie and cravat.
Yeah, he's a real jigawatt.
by barn door February 25, 2009
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