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The perfect school for kids looking to make friends, hang out and party. Even though it's a small school, no one gossips or talks shit; Willamette kids are just out enjoy life and get stoned in the botans. Beautiful campus too, with the sun shining almost 365 days a year where hot girls in bikinis can be seen lounging by the milll stream drinking mojitos and martinis. Willamette is also known for having some of the craziest parties, which is why it's currently battling University of Colorado and Arizona State for Playboy's List of Top Party Schools for 2012. Almost everyone gets super shitty and no one judges each other for it. And the kids who don't drink usually stand awkwardly in the corner watching kids do body shots and take lines. Hardest partying goes on before and during finals week, when bearcats are looking to relax and de-stress before taking finals. The laid back attitude of this campus attracts some of the coolest and attractive people from around the country, with a 2-to-1 girl to guy ratio. You won't be disappointed at Willamette
University of Oregon student: yo dude we should hit up Willamette University this weekend, it's finals week and I heard they're having some sick ragers
Oregon State student: hell yea! those kids know how to go hard, and the chicks there are mad hot
by barecattt August 02, 2011

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