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"Laundry list" refers to a list of characteristics or items that are generally considered to be mundane or distasteful. Items on the list tend to pile up, just like dirty laundry.
No partying for me this weekend. I have a huge laundry list of shit to take care of.

I started out being optimistic, but this laundry list just keeps getting longer and longer...
by banzaimonkey August 14, 2007
To fap to one's own ego. Taking narcissistic pleasure in one's abilities, status, etc. In a literal sense, ego-fapping is masturbating while looking at oneself (in a mirror, on video, etc.). Typically it is used in a figurative sense in reference to a politician, academic, religious figure, or some other individual who is prone to taking great pleasure in self-aggrandizement. Attention whores often ego-fap when they manage to attract an audience (which generally sends the audience packing, or serves as further amusement).

Academics love to ego-fap; they have luncheons by professors, for professors, simply to talk about how great they are.

<Insert politician's name here> is such an ego-fapper; he just loves to hear himself talk.

The only thing worse than an attention whore is an ego-fapping attention whore.
by banzaimonkey January 22, 2006
"The hammer falls" means "this is at an end". The "hammer" falling is that of an auctioneer at the end of an auction or a judge at the end of a trial. The phrase should be used to deliver a dramatic, emphatic finality to the issue at hand.

Usage: "The hammer falls <time (optional)> on <subject, topic, etc.>."
Example: "The hammer falls today on Weebl and Bob. Bob is superior (and Weebl is now much flatter)."

Please omit any puns in actual usage.
by banzaimonkey November 17, 2005
1. Conventional: Taken to represent trivial matters or trivial parts of a larger issue. Minor details are not considered necessary to understanding the "big picture" and are thus extraneous. Anything that is secondary to understanding the "point" of an issue can be considered to be minor details. Anything of little importance in general can also be referred to as minor details.

2. Sarcastic: A response which satirically downplays something important. Any usage which is used to satirically highlight a use given in definition 1.

Notes: This can be used either as a "subject" (grammatically) or as a response to another's comment.
1. Conventional

Johnny: OMG, I lost my receipt from the gas station the other day!
Jane: Minor details, don't sweat it.

2. Sarcastic

Johnny: I totally blew my math final!
Jane: Minor details. :P
by banzaimonkey September 22, 2005

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