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1 definition by banutash

pronounced 'smuhsh'

'to smush' would be to stick something, with vigor, into an orifice.

past tense would be 'I smushed'

a person that smushes is a 'smusher'

A smushy is usually something pointed in shape.

Made of things such as wood or stone...but more commonly stone.

First discovered in Cornwall but originates from Wookey Hole Caves, there are many smushy stones located here.

The most famous and oldest smushy stone resides in Chez Peanut.

The trick with smushy stones is to start off small and work your way up to a really big one, like Mont Blanc, that is a very large smushy stone and it would take an experienced smusher to smush that.
she was a right old smusher, I bet she'd smush that traffic cone with no problem
by banutash March 03, 2011