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1 definition by banksy_uk

1. short for devastated.
2. can be used as an adjective to describe something negative.
3. can be used to show one's disapproval at the actions of another
4. can be used to highlight stupidity or even a slight mistake, usually pronounced 'deeeeeevvvvvossss' in such situations.

also see travos, short for travostated.
1. rob was devos when he woke up next to the otter.
2. a) what a devos day it is(if the weather is bad).
b) did you see that girl with the devos scar on her face?
3. Rob "I'm going out with Kerri tonight"
Response "Devos"
4. Someone accidentally falls over, Alan screams "Ha, deeeeeevvvvvossss!!!!"
by banksy_uk June 20, 2008
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