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The most Badass Drum n Bass musician the worlds has ever seen.

famous tracks:
Spor - Molehill
Spor - 103 Degrees
Spor - 1up
Spor - Clarets March
Spor - Levitate
Spor - Supernova
by bancontrol April 13, 2009
An Emo who listens to Jungle/Drum n Bass.
Mostly popular in Hungary, Austria, Russia and other easter European countries.
Hailey is an emolist;she looks emo but she can do a sick X outing!
by bancontrol April 10, 2009
A portal for pedophiles to watch child porn.
Pedo: Woot only 3 hours b4 my 15 sec long child porn clip finishes downloading from limewire!
by bancontrol April 16, 2009
A combination between a Juggalo and a Junglist.
They often listen to Drum n Bass remixes of ICP songs.
Donnie is a rudebwoy juggalist!
He just dropped that ICP Jungle shite!
by bancontrol April 03, 2009
A dance created by the genius minds of Hungarian emolists. Consists of various kicks and hops in rythem with a fast paced DnB song.

Very similar and possibly derived from the C-Walk and Jumpstyle - the gayness.
Jordan A.K.A. BanControl is a champion of the X-Outing dance despite the fact that he is American. He just stepped to "Clarets March" by Spor.

Kakoc sucks because he steals...
by bancontrol April 13, 2009

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