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a handbag knock-off of coach. a very obvious fake with large G print all over the bag instead of the signature C's. the name "Goach" originates from the combination of "Coach" and "Gucci." People who have these purses make fools out of themselves.
what the hell is that. oh its a goach. what an idoit
by bananaphone June 03, 2007
The act of being, or becoming, as insanely tweaked on methamphetamine as the human body will allow.
"I was striding the crystal summit the other day and got lost in a Wal-Mart, and when I finally reached the parking lot I couldn't find my car. Then after a few hours of frantic searching I remembered that I don't have a car."
by BananaPhone August 13, 2012
An ill-tempered, mentally unstable woman.
"When she started on my ass I swear I just about smacked that lunatwat."
by BananaPhone August 12, 2012
Incoherent verbosity (or, circumlocution) caused by amphetamine abuse and excessive sleep deprivation.
"Get some sleep man, can't nobody fuckin' understand that sprackumlocution shit."
by BananaPhone August 13, 2012
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