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A cross between exhaustion and euphoria, usually lasting for about a half hour, that one experiences after taking a huge shit.
Guy 1: I just dropped a HUGE load and now I've got a wicked poo hangover.
Guy 2: Dude, the best thing for that is to sit down and take it easy for a few minutes.
by bammo July 08, 2009
When every molecule of shit in your body exits in about 1/1000 of a second, literally exploding out of your ass. The type of poo that leaves poo niblets in the toilet bowl long after you've left the bathroom.
I had to go so bad, the moment my ass touched the toilet seat I had a total explode-a-poo. I think some bounced up and stuck on my ass.
by bammo July 08, 2009
The little dried pieces of shit that are stuck on the inside of a toilet bowl; usually the result of an explode-a-poo.
When I peed in Stewart's toilet, I tried to knock off some of the poo niblets, but they wouldn't come off. He's going to have to use a power washer or something.
by bammo July 08, 2009
The burning sensation you feel on your asshole after shitting out the spicy mexican food you ate last night.
I new I shouldn't have eaten that nasty burrito platter. I just took a shit and now I've got fire star!
by bammo July 08, 2009

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