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A small unincorperated town outside of St.Louis. One of the most craziest places you can go besides East Saint Louis and Washington Park. With a population mostly white and hispanic causing different gang affiliations, the place gets a little wild at night. You never know whats going to happen, may it be bricked while driving, jumped while walking or stabbed and beat with bats while fighting, all can agree that the place is wild. If you need it then they got it. And if they dont have it they'll say they do and then you getted robbed try and do something and get beat down.
by ballz_deep July 27, 2009
The sexual act of ejaculating on another person's face, then using your erection to wipe said ejaculate off their face in a side-to-side motion.
After I blew my load on her face, I gave her the windshield wiper as any gentleman should.
by Ballz_Deep May 20, 2015

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