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When in the midst of sexual intercourse from behind the girl poops on the dudes dick.
Man I got chuckwagoned last night and had to buy new sheets.
I hope I don't get a chuckwagon again I have been cleaning poop out of my pubes for days.
by ballydude May 11, 2009
When doing a larger girl from behind you grab on to her and hold tight and wisper in her ear that she is the fattest girl you've ever had sex with and try to hold on for eight seconds
I was so wasted last night and ended up doing the pork rodeo.
That hog is big enough for a good old pork rodeo.
by ballydude May 11, 2009
Almost better than a get out of jail free card. When you meet some slag at a bar take her home and get her naked and are not sure if her downstairs parts are tasty enough for a lick so you rub a finger down there and then rub her nipple and sneek a taste from the nipple. You can now make the decision wether or not to go downtown whithout embarassing consequences.
Oh man I should have used the nipple test last night it was like that girl was doing deep knee bends and running laps all day, sure would have saved me on mouthwash!
by ballydude September 02, 2010

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