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To pour cough syrup on one's penis, and insert it into a sick person throat.
My gay life partner has really bad bronchitis and was coughing most of the night. I told him to open wide for daddy cause your going to have to choke down a Cock Meat Cough Drop. So I drown my huge man hammer in Tussin and jammed it down his cock holster.
by Ballsagna April 01, 2015
Noun. Person, usually of the male gender, displaying traits of pop-collardness, land rover discoveryness (in some cases Jeep Liberty), plaid shortsness, and rainbow sandleness. Biffs can survive solely on their parents' credit card and starbucks coffee. A biff can easily be spotted in the winter months displaying its overpriced ski gear and drinking a latte, while simultaneously challenging twelve year old girls to a race down the mogul run of the most well observed section of the ski resort.
While entering the lift line, I noticed a group of biffs discussing the price of their designer sunglasses.

The party was packed with biffs. It was Biff Central Station.
by ballsagna April 27, 2007

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