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A genre of a mix of Hip Hop & R&B...
Ciara is Crunk&B album called goodies,
isn't she a cute lil' princess...
by balls II December 07, 2004
1.A whore who likes to suck cocks
2.Bladder a sack that you pee out of...
3.Hardcore pissing porn XXX
Ex 1. "Hey,can I be your p-sack?"

Ex 2."I gotta go to the p-unit my p-sack's gonne explode, please."

Ex. 3."let's start a p-sack,in here."
by balls II December 07, 2004
means that you want to have sex with your girlfriend.
"Hey,girl do u want hab a ahuh or not?"
by balls II December 07, 2004
It means u hab drunk too much soda.
more than 6 cans and over...
or until u piss on ur girlfriend...
I wuz so piss drunk,when I had a sodafucking at the party...
by balls II December 07, 2004

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