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Derogatory statement describing a girls vagina. You can picture it if you'd like.
"How was she?"
"Decent. .. Hell of a lot of mud flap down there though."
by Balls November 14, 2004
A girl's ass that you'd like to tap. Infact, any girls ass. I love girl asses.
"Man, that girl's legs go on forever."
"Not a bad dumper either."
by Balls November 14, 2004
A three fifty seven revolver handgun that holds six bullets and does not release the shell of its bullets when fired.
He broke into my house so I shot him with my tre five seven
by balls June 18, 2006
The flap of skin between yo nuts and your anus.

SPA-ce B-etween your B-alls and A-ss

See chode
Pavey is a total fucking spabba.
by Balls April 01, 2003
little penis inspector
Brennen Arduini
by Balls December 01, 2003
When something exceeds being excessively gay.
VERB - "I think she wants to have sex with me, but I don't want to use her."
"..... Dude, totally gey."

NOUN - "I gotta go clean my new white basketball shoes, I'll meet up with you later."
"You're such a fucking gey."
by Balls November 14, 2004
When the manic disrobes and valenzates the muzon's sister in the kitchen, while the muzon is presumed dead.
"The muzon is dead" yelled chains, as Manic coerced the don in an adjacent room.
by Balls April 27, 2004

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