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In Newfoundland and Norther Canada, the practice of fishing without a rod by lowering a hook into the water and rhythmically jerking it upward until it encounters a fish.
"All sizes and figures with squid lines and jiggers, they congregate here on the squid-jigging ground."
by Balbulican January 25, 2004
(also "doo wop")

A form of popular music, primarily but not exclusively the domain of black performers, which achieved prominence in the 1950s. Its most prominent element is close, multipart vocal harmonies, sometimes rendered accapella. The term "do wop" is typical of the the nonsense syllables often used as a chorus.
"The Great Pretender" by the Platters is probably the best known example of Do Wop music.
by balbulican August 03, 2004
A fictional biography of a real person, usually written in the style of a Wikipedia entry - hence the term "Ficki" (Fiction + Wiki)
The ficki on my blog describes me as "a retired Anglican preacher who raises peonies": but in the real world, I'm actually a twenty-two year old Zamboni driver.
by balbulican March 15, 2009
A short piece of theatre, often improvised.
The actors then performed an amusing skit about a penguin and a spiked tennis racket.
by balbulican February 26, 2004
A person of mixed Indian and French heritage
Louis Riel is regarded as the founder of the Metis nation in Canada
by balbulican February 26, 2004
A very large novel by Ayn Rand, a shallow but popular important Conservative thinker of the early to mid twentieth century. It explores many of the themes that later found their expression in Libertarian philosophy. Noteworthy for its interesting political views, paper thin characters and an awkward, implausible plot.
"Atlas Shrugged" is a book that really impresses people who haven't read much good fiction.
by balbulican July 21, 2004
A humorous mispronunciation of the word "business", meant satirically to suggest criminal intent.
"I just wanna get together and talk a little...bidness, you know?" said Tony Soprano, glancing shrewdly at Luigi.
by balbulican July 14, 2004

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