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Spanish-Mexican slang which means to "calm down".
In proper Spanish grammar, it literally means "calm her down". But it can be used to mean to calm anything down.
Say there is an argument, but one person is calm while the other is talking loud. The calm person will say "Calmela!".
by Balano November 17, 2004
Being of latin and asian descent. Believe it or not, many Filipinos are Spanese. I've never heard anyone else say this word. Infact, my Spanese friend, David, invented the word to describe himself.
Me: You're Mexasian.
David: No, I'm Spanese.
by Balano May 31, 2005
Someone of latin and Canadian descent. As far as I know, my ex-girlfriend invented the word to describe herself.
Me: You're a Mexuck (combination of Mexican and Canuck)
Clarissa: I'm Hispadian.
by Balano May 31, 2005
Any set of breasts that are pleasant for whatever reason. Whether the person using the word likes large breasts, small ones, jiggly ones, bouncy ones, etc... It is simply a word used by a person who sees a set of breasts they like to indicate to someone what they are seeing.
Hey Andy, marshmallow DNA.
by Balano December 04, 2004
Any article of clothing worn by a human female who is of sexual maturity.
Victoria's Secret is a vagina tarp outlet.
by Balano December 01, 2004
Any attractive woman

synonymous with "slice" or "hottie", etc...
A hot chick walks by and I might say: "WOOPANG!!!!"
by Balano August 14, 2006
A guy who makes friends with nice women and talks to them about his sex life, by which these women friends inherently nickname the guy Fucker.
My chick friends call me Fucker
by Balano May 11, 2003
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