14 definitions by bailey

noun; beads of dirty sweat from the pubic region (Testicles in particular).
i rubbed my shipizee all over her face.
by bailey December 13, 2004
a persons clothing thats cool, things are that cool! things that you like.
Yo man that shit is tight!
by Bailey April 28, 2004
shorts and pants at the same time.
dude look at those shpants. i want some. SHPANTS!! SHPANTS SHPANTS!
by bailey October 12, 2004
Beautiful African Princess
Damn, I wish I were a bap, then I'd be getting guys left and right.
by Bailey May 08, 2003
a uber gay counter strike source player and genral loser, usually found moaning on ventrilo when people talk when hes trying to play cs:s
by Bailey February 04, 2005
Entertains flirtatious and ignorant Teenyboppers-gone-punk. Will be nice to them to gain popularity, but will dis them behind their backs.
Hehe, I saw Teddy today he gave me his guitar pick! Like, OMG!!
by Bailey June 03, 2003
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