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Nerd in a chatroom who feels it is his responsibility and duty to protect the honor of the middle age trailer trash that spend the day in the chatrooms talking about absolutely nothing.
I was trying to cyber with this pig but the chat hero kept tyring to ruin my game.
by badsean April 08, 2006
woman, usually caucasion whom in the 80's used a full can of aquanet hairspray to get all 18" of her hair to pile on top of her head
That hairmonster with the leg warmers and the two tone jeans certainly is bangable
by badsean September 04, 2004
Pertaining to a female...containing all qualities that makes a hoochie bangable
Dude not for nothing but the way your mama wears her thong showing out of her pants makes her very bangalicous
by badsean September 04, 2004
The term used for the fee applied onto your hairdressing bill for having an unusually large head.
Because your damn head is so big and this haircut is gonna take longer than it should I must apply the $5 big head surcharge to your bill.
by badsean April 08, 2006

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