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A common line used by whores when the jon can not shoot his load while hitting the pussy this is usually due to having whisky dick, in order to shoot your load u must wank on the chick to nut on her usually in the whores mouth or tits whilst the whore encourages u to blow your load by shouting aww wank on me wank on me!!!
I had whisky dick last nite after drinking to much i couldn't pick up so i ordered a whore to get my rocks off but needed her to shout aww wank on me so i could bust a nut.
by badman2232 August 10, 2009
the act of jacking off in the shower whilst in a squatting position and bouncing up & down on the balls of your feet imitating a frog and firing your spooge directly into the drain to avoid uneccessary clean up.
dude i just did the frogger in the shower this morning thinking about the fat slut i shafted last nite, feels good no mess.
by badman2232 August 10, 2009
when somebody is masturbating in a public toilet groaning loudly like a zombie to increase pleasure.
I was trying to take a shit in the cubicle but couldn't concentrate coz some dude was in the cubicle next to me zombating, he was really getting in to it.
by badman2232 September 16, 2009
The act of masturbating in the shower whilst laying on your back with your legs up resting against the shower screen or the tiles..
Dude i was doing the lady beetle in the shower last nite the warm water hitting me in the face made it easier for me to think of a fat slut giving me a golden shower while i was jerkin my dick..
by badman2232 September 13, 2009
The act of filling a bucket or bowl with jizz and dunking somebody's face in it.
My girl was pissing me off so i gave her the sprog dunk.
by badman2232 October 07, 2009
This is a masturbation technique, when u have an erection simply bend your dick forward with one hand creating the shape of the beak of an Ibis bird, whilst keeping your member in this position use your other hand to begin masturbating at your own pace.
The other night I was watching some porn on the internet and decided to do the Ibis jerk, it felt great.
by badman2232 February 08, 2011

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