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One who gallavants and/or peruses in the night time. Often wears darker attire to disguise their true identity. Having at least several of the following qualities: stealth, wit, agility, sex appeal, wizardly powers, hispanic origins, and an inner beastliness.
Wow, did you see that shadow? That was probably a night ninja
Dude we should get out of here, this is night ninja territory after 10 pm
I want to be a night ninja for Halloween!
by babybackCINNATWIN January 29, 2011
A different take on the popular term "rebel rouser" however pronounced as if one has a speech impediment. Commonly used as, but not limited to, a verb, noun, or adjective. Can refer to something/someone:

1) Cool, exciting, or unusual
2) Slutty, vile, or disgusting

Typically used by those who want an unknown, relatively creative filler word.
-Yes! We won the game! We are total webel wousers man!
-God, she is SUCH a webel wouser...
-What were you doing in the hallway today?
Oh, just webel wousing around...
by babybackCINNATWIN April 12, 2011

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