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*takes on bimbo accent* Oh. My. Gawd, it is sooooo lyk tha sickest song eva!!!

Haha, mk seriously, some random song that a coupple of very bored teenagers made up making fun of fat ppl and all their excuses as to why they're fat.
She says she has some weired disease
He says he's allergic to cheese
She says it's just her family way
He says a growing boy needs a hamburger a day

Fat without a cause!!!
Fat without a cause!!!
Fat without a cause!!!
by baby_in_black December 10, 2005
Someone who conforms to being a non-conformist.

They probably wear ripped jeans, have peirced eyebrows and get trashed, and may also do things like illicite drugs, underage sex, swear at teachers, skip detention, wag school, walk out of class and all in an extreemly lame attempt to look cool.
Oh hell yeah I'm such a rebel, I wear ripped jeans and get trashed!! There's SOOOOOO nobody else around who'd do that!!!
by baby_in_black December 13, 2005

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