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Montvale: a small town in upper bergan county were they controll everything woodcliff lake does. woodcliff lake is to poor (supposedly) to get a high school, so they come to montvales. woodcliff lake boys live on basketball courts: rather watch a basketball game then chill with eachother. montvale is also supirior to another local town: park ridge. since a certain GIRL moved to montvale from that town, that town now feels the need to make fun of montvale kids, even though they know if the F5 start a fight with montvale kids, motown has a 6.2 200 lbs beast no one dare face, a red-neck/hollister wearing football player, the brother of bergan catholics best colligiate wrestler, a jacked up white boy from military school, and a bob marley lovin kid with no respect whatsoever. motown is supirior
by babies.arm.holding.an.apple March 28, 2009
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