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When two married couples have an affir, and the wife#2 having the affair lures the cheating guy with everything she's got. She plays the role so well that the cheating guy falls in love with her. then out of nowhere. Wife #2 does the worst thing and goes back to wife #1 and shows her all the picures and text messages.

Married girl #2 actually gets a DNA sample of her cum filled panties. Proving that the husband cheated on wife #1.
I was married for 5 years and hooked up with smoking hot chick who was married for 9 yrs.

After months of intense sex Barbra showed Gail that I was sending text and pics and also told her tha we had sex here's the proof.

Mark was black widowed. He lost his wife and barbra on same day.
by baaaaabiala March 04, 2010

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