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Disambiguation of Chevrolet, an American "automobile" manufacturer. Used as an acronym by those that think Chevrolets are transportation that's about as reliable as a mongoloid anorexic horse with dysentery. Is loosely related to F.O.R.D.: such as First On Race Day; however those same individuals who prefer the C.H.E.V.R.O.L.E.T brand would try and tell you it was Fixed Or Repaired Daily, or it was a Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge. But fuck them instead.
C.am H.angs E.very V.alve R.attles O.il L.eaks E.ngine T.humps:

Phil: Why, Bob, is that a new car in your driveway.
Bob: Yes, Phil, it is. This is my new Chevy. Purty, ain't she?!?
Phil: Ohhhh, you bought a C.H.E.V.R.O.L.E.T.
Bob: Uh, yeah!
Phil: Sweet, OK, so I'm gonna go get a set of jumper cables so we can start it, a pistol to blow your brains out for being so stupid as to buy such a vehicle, and a bottle of Scotch for medicinal purposes subsequent to you using your brain and skull to redecorate the interior of that shit machine. I'll be back in a jiffy!
by b_sack October 28, 2007

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