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One who attends bon fires, party's in corn fields, or other poorly organized social gatherings in random rural area's with the intent of consuming large amounts or liquor, marijuana, and music while hanging out with high school friends and townies. Always includes music in the form of cheap boomboxes, high school garage rock bands, a polka, or some combination of.

A person who enjoy's small town raves in WI, IA, both Dakota's, and other area's with rural populations that feature high rates of "townyism".

Named for Kooter, who hosted the original Kooterpalooza in a field near Bumfuck, WI. The first annual Kooterpalooza lasted 13 days and was attended by roughly 60 locals over a six day period. Included camping, ceremonial lighting of the christmas tree bon fire - olympic torch style, 300 spud gun launches in the Spud Gun Distance and Accuracy competition, 3 lousy highschool bands (including Kooter and Woody's Last Kid Picked), seven burns, four cases of extreme diaria, three police visits (including one instigated by a person who saw the flames from a road seven miles away and called in saying the marsh was on fire), and one wild boar sacrificed to the Guy Fawkes.
On day seven of the fourth anual Kooterpalooza, Tristan, a founding Kooterpaloozer, got lost for three days when he drunkenly stumbled into the corn field to vomit after failing to hurdle the fire which didn't look quite as large from the outside as it did from the inside.
by bOObZ March 04, 2013

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