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3 definitions by b33ftink

A punch to the face that is administered with such force that shockwaves ripple through the victim's skin. If done correctly, it also has a time-slowing effect. Named for an awesome Pantera album, the cover of which displays an ideal vulgar display of power (abbreviated VPD).
I couldn't stand that punk's constant whining, so I gave him a vulgar display of power. Now he's dead.
by b33ftink September 24, 2007
A disorder which causes the sufferer to alternate between being a total badass and being overwhelmingly emo. Named after Cloud Strife, the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII.
Master Chief had better not develop Cloud syndrome... that would just ruin everything for me.
by b33ftink September 24, 2007
An expression used to admit a careless mistake. Origin: a memorable line from Pulp Fiction.
Person 1: Did you just drop my laptop?
Person 2: Whoops, I guess I shot Marvin there.
by b33ftink September 24, 2007