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A nice group of people who have had their wonders and culture long before the Muslims had even existed. Most of them in World War Two had been exiled by Nazis. This refers to the Holocaust. We all know that the Nazis are just a bunch of Santa Claus wannabes. Some quite good news though the Jews don't have to deal with them anymore since they don't exist as a Political group any longer. Back in Ancient times the Jews were brought to a new home which all the Muslims had to do was to just give them a home. They didn't have to get crazy about it. God gave both of us the land in the first place. The Muslims are just turning the whole thing into a problem. The Romans and Ancient Egyptians as well as more currently Muslims and Nazis have been torturing these innocent people for a long time. So why do we need more hate from you jerks? You all burn. You won't win. The Holocaust is over we rest in peace. So you call us Nazis? You call us bad people? Think about how you've been bad people and you American and Muslim haters will see that you're just as bad as the Nazis and everyone else who does this to Jews. You haters can go have a rat burger and remove yourself from the Country. Tell me how it goes.
We've been through Muslim hatred

Nazi torture

Romans and Egyptians

So back off...

Because deep down inside all of you wish you were Jewish.

This is Judaism...
#jews #didn't #do #anything #wrong
by b0y66 November 11, 2007
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