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Destined for greatness. The product of egg and sperm from parents so entirely superior, he will undoubtedly be a God amongst mere mortals. Eyes as deep as the ocean and a smile that will be etched in the minds of women for decades to come. This name carries with it such great power , entire countries cower at the utterance of it's roya heritage. Only bestowed upon the rarest of occasions, to the chosen few, who may carry its legacy with dignity and honor, to the gates of heaven itself...
If they had named him Junah, instead of tiger, he may have been able too handle all that responsibility...
by b00mb00mchuck February 07, 2010
The state of arousal experienced by millions of NASCAR race fans in the days leading up to the Daytona 500. This condition may be particularly intense during the weekend of qualifying and the Bud Shootout. Do not expect much from your husband while he is experiencing Daytoner Boner as he doesn't have sufficient blood supply to sustain proper mental focus.
Adam had such a Daytoner Boner last night during the shootout, he forgot to walk to the bathroom before he shit, and mudbogged the couch....
by b00mb00mchuck February 07, 2010

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