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When a guy is used by a girl to get over her previously failed relationship. A girl you most likely meet at a nightclub. Sexy and flirtatious but also carrying some baggage.
That bitch Amber was such a fuck crutch. After we fucked her ex threatened to kick my ass

I don't mind being a fuck crutch. At least I'm getting laid.

Man, that bitch wouldn't stop talking about her ex until I stuffed my dick in her mouth.
#fuck #crutch #fuck crutch #sex #girl #guy #nightclub
by b. real October 28, 2010
A high-grade strain of cannabis; bud with a really good head high; also known as headies
"Dude, how much for an eighth of that headfunk?"

"You good on some of that headfunk?"
#headies #hydro #hydroponic #homegrown #cannabis
by b. real October 20, 2008
Almost the same as a Beer Truce, but in this case you give up drinking for an undetermined amount of time. No matter how much alcohol is left, you are either too drunk or too smart to take another drink.
Dude, I call a beer treaty. I'm almost too fucked up to drive.

Let's call a beer treaty 'cause Frank just passed out in the driveway.

If we don't call a beer treaty I'm afraid I might fuck that fat chick.
#beer #treaty #beer treaty #treat #drunk #drink #party #fucked #up #fucked up
by b. real October 28, 2010
When, at the end of a binge, there is one beer beverage left in the fridge/cooler/box beside the beer pong table. No one shall touch or drink the beer til the next morning. The first one who wakes is the first one who takes, thus starting an early day of getting shit faced.
Dude, we must instate a beer truce until tomorrow. Then it can be resolved.

I'm too drunk to argue over one beer. Let's call a beer truce.

I'm too drunk to taste this chicken.
#beer #truce #beer truce #pong #beer pong #binge #drinking #drunk
by b. real October 28, 2010
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