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when your significant other or date has lettuce or spinach or somthing visible in their teeth
blow me.
fuck you, you have shit in your teeth!

pop that pimple on your nose
fuck you, you have shit in your teeth!
by b. hanback February 16, 2008
Phrase used to describe a woman wearing excess make-up.
Heavily applied make-up including foundation, eyeliner, blush, rouge, and lipstick.
Dude, loved that hostess, but she had a lot of frosting on the cake!

The only problem with cougars is they have way too much frosting on the cake.
by B. Hanback January 26, 2008
Like separation anxiety except with your cell or blackberry. The lump in your stomach and anxiety that overcomes you when you lose, forget or damage your cell and it does not work.
I got on the flight to Vegas and realized I had left my cell phone in the car and cellparation anxiety overcame me.

Sadler's battery had only one bar left and he began to feel cellparation anxiety.
by B. Hanback July 23, 2008
The state of sleepines after eating chips and guacamole.
Lea and Britt were in Guacoma all afternoon after eating Mexican...
by B. Hanback July 12, 2008
Deriving from "Jaw Breaker" Something that prevents you from securing employment or stops you from getting a job.
Bitch had a tatt on her neck and a stud on her forehead and it was definitely a job breaker.
by b. hanback March 08, 2008
Big tits.
Did you see the spotlights on her?

yea, bout knocked me over...
by B. Hanback January 17, 2009
someone with fucked up teeth; as if a firecracker went off in their mouth
Dude, did you see her teeth - they were fucked up!

Yea, firecracker mouth....she won't have problems with those peanut shells...
by B. Hanback December 30, 2008

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