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When you are gettin a chick from behind who has long hair, grab the hair and thoroughly wipe off your dick after you've finished. Keep in mind guest towels are for decoration only so if you use it, dont expect another invite.
Your Roommate: Hey, whatever happened with that chick you brought home the other night?

You: Oh, she wont be back, I used the guest towel.
by b-tox February 29, 2012
A person with an irrational fear that they could possibly catch an STD from a public toilet.
Dan: Dude, you missed half the game. What took you so long?

Steve: Man, I had to drop bait and those bathrooms are filthy so I had to cover the seat with some toilet paper.

Dan: Sounds like you got a bad case of Johnorrhea.
by b-tox February 28, 2012
Anyone driving slower than you and refuses to move over to let you pass. Beware all station wagons. Or just anyone driving ridiculously slow. Beware handicap as well. I mean c'mon, you already had the accident.
vehicular constipation usually drive station wagons, or are handicapped, or foreigners, etc...
by b-tox February 26, 2012
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