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1 of da most hoodest places in tha' US..niggaz dont believe it but it iz..u dont believe it until u come here..step in downtown (by da port) ya life in danger..sike nah but for real u think ya hood hard come here..big upz to NJ anyway
Us eastwick niggaz would eat ch' food earlyyy!!! my dude
by b iz brayzii August 07, 2005
known for da projectz in Orange, New Jersey that waz knocked down...339 n 325, 339 waz hood alongwit 325 all about gangbangin, drugz, money, n more that u find in da hood
339 KEEPZ it poppin wurd up
by b iz brayzii August 07, 2005
Orange, New Jerzy, also called Ghost Town...i dont kno why buti think itz because the many people who waz murdered there come fo' revenge...but itz hood over there itz hood all around NJ but therez a couple quiet and wack white suburbz that kinda make it look and sound nice..hey, what state doesn't have suburbz, even Killa Kali n NY got em'.
Where u from dogz?
Ghost City,where we move O'z n Keyz
fuck bitchez n smoke da treez --Young Nano from Varioty
by b iz brayzii August 07, 2005
God'z lucky number. Some people call it their favorite number because it's God's lucky #
Who doesn't know 7 iz God's lucky number
by b iz brayzii August 07, 2005

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