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For short PM5K, is one of the greatest bands ever if not the greatest, and has a very recognizable sound. Too bad they broke up on Halloween 2003. :(
If you like PM5K you should also check out the lead singer's (Spyder 1's) older brother Rob Zombie!
by awex January 05, 2004
A saint for people who don't want to spend $20 on a cd that they will listen to only one time. Get Kazaa-Lite. Its alot better than regular Kazaa!
Man I wish I could listen to this one song. Maybe is should use kazaa to download it. I'll probably buy the Cd anyway. Oh shit it's the recording company at my front door.
by awex January 05, 2004
1)Happy Time
2)Happy Time
3)Happy Time
4)Ha....Whoa Shit
1)Dude we are having one hell of a 4:20
2)Smoking Pot is my 4:20
3)Last night we had such a 4:20
4)Man this is one cool 4:20....Whoa Shit
by awex January 05, 2004
A band that has great musical talent and is anything but a gay MTV metal band.
Buy their CD's. They are one of the few good new bands to come out.
by awex January 05, 2004
Japanese animation that normally is based on mangas. Anime is a genre of movies that can be anything from kids tv shows to sci fi's and action movies. I generaly like anime styled characters over western styled characters. I don't care for most animes that make it onto U.S. network tv.
I never liked animes like DBZ, Yu-Gi-Oh, or Poke'mon. I really went crazy for animes like Hellsing, Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Excel Saga, FLCL, and Steel Angel Kurumi.
by awex January 05, 2004
1. A crazy corporate nazi bastard!
2. A person who doesn't believe in freedom
3. A man who probably thought that Kuwait was a type of fruit.
1. That Coke a Cola CEO is such a george bush.
2. Sometimes Adolf Hitler can seem like a george bush
3. That man is a fucking moron, I mean a georege bush.
by awex January 05, 2004
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