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1 definition by awesomepguy

what you want to do if you are looking this up
i wanted to have sex so i told my girlfriend to meet me in the girls bathroom at 2. wen i got there she was there and we started making out with tongue. she ripped off my shirt revealing my rock hard 6 pack then she ripped off my pants and underwear revealing my rock hard 12 inch long 3 inch wide cock. she gave me a BJ while i stripped her revealing her 32 double D tits. after about 10 minutes a beautiful blond with 30 double D tits walked in and started to strip. she told me to eat her out. i gladly obliged. after 10 minutes i got up and fucked my girlfriend in pussy while she ate the blonde out. eventually i had to get some of the blonde and my gf switched roles with the blond and i eventually cummed and gave them both facials. then we left.
by awesomepguy January 07, 2012