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the life of the call of duty player. go to school, get home, play cod, get yelled at by mom to do shit, lock door, play more cod, lose, swear, scream, throw console out window, cry, get new one, REPEAT.
1>i love codlife
2>ya so do i
by awesomemaxattack February 10, 2010
a person who superbooks is someone who facebooks for hours every day. they most likely only have friends on facebook but dont actually hang out with anyone. they live in their parents house like they have their whole life. if u mess with a superbooker u r going to feel the wrath of internet h8ing but u will not b confronted.
1>Hey, u know that guy mark?
2>ya that superbooking geek, what about him.
1>he talkin shit but wont fight
2>well what do u expect, he's a superbooker
by awesomemaxattack February 03, 2010

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