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indie kids are cool kids who like alternate music style than the adverage ganster chav emo ect

what do they do: (brit indies) they usally hang around portabella road, sheperdsboosh market ect boys playing guitar (NOT ELECTRIC OR BASS) chilling out being cool

indie boys:indie boys usally have mop hair where there fringe grows to the side they where skinny or straight leg jeans with t shrits or long slaved tight tops with undone shirts

always in battered convers or vanhs

ur uncool if u ever call them chuks

girls- indie girls can be very relaxed about there style often looking for vintage clothing from any era from charity shops or other and make it there own they where big geeky glasses(before gansters made them uncool) and high wasted skirts or skinny jeans.

(brit indies usally shop in topshop, uniclo,ebay and markets)

music: there chanel is nme (382 sky)

where there more main streame music is found if any music becomes in the chart its then uncool e.g.kings of leon,muse,kene.

gansters,chavs wouldnt be know any of the bads they metion and thts the way they keep it.

ganster likes something= indie hates it.

to be lame is to be too cool
ganster:do u here tht song blud init dont up set the rhythem rhymettes

indie kid:fuck thts another band fucking lame arss

indiegirl- duude tht guy looked so awesome mop hair and skinnys ;)

chav girl:omg yh hows can u like tht doue he aint got his hair all cron roe or noting init

indie girl:sorry i was i talking to u sorry listning to laura marling all i heard was init before my brain fucked of
by awesomeismymiddlename June 01, 2009

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