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the skankiest nasty scum douchebag slut a hood rat of epic degree with no I mean no redeeming qualities and she wears glasses has a una brow and a moustache with multiple kids from different dads whose idea of ambition is squeezing no dropping another kid for more wellfare ugly as a lard fire with a pile of what appears to be dog vomit with sabertooth crotch crickets between its legs and 20 pelicans following everytime she goes to the beach trying to tell her about douche because of the stank on her pussy it confuses them because they think they're going to mac down on a pile fish guts or dog vomit they show up and it's just some maryjane rotten crotch also m.j.r.c.
K.T. is a big ole fucken maryjane rotten crotch she'd fuck a cops k-9 if she thought there might be something in it for her, three meals a day for that hoe is swallowing the load of three different guys in one day while she's pregnant from some other guy parties on wellfares dime and sells her ass for everything else
by aweaquarius@aol.com June 18, 2009

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